Traveling money making

Thomas Salzano: Nineteen Popular Money Making Travel Job Opportunities 2020

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“Traveling is adventure plus the opportunities to earn money from following your passion for traveling makes it more exciting,” says Thomas Salzano a renowned traveler and a travel influencer. Generally, people hesitate to travel even if it’s their dream to travel just because money stops them from making the dream come true.

The myth about the career and ways to earn money while traveling are again a reason that stops many of you from following your dream to travel and one of that is that you earn very less in the careers related to traveling.

No, this is not true as most of the travelers don’t rely on only one source of money. The cash flow options from them are from multiple streams all you need to have is the proper knowledge about the money earning opportunities.

Traveling money making

Lets talk about the travel jobs first:

You can become a local tour guide

Be associated with local or an international tour company if you plan to become a local tour guide. Take your group on a tour to interesting places, destinations, coolest bars, restaurants, historical monuments and local market etc. To become a tour guide is one best way to earn money in the travel industry while enjoying and sharing your love of traveling.

Become a travel entrepreneur

If you have good financial support and a qualified travel experience than another option is to become a travel entrepreneur and create your own customer tours.

Online Translation Jobs

To be qualified for an online translation job you need to know a second language to be a freelance language translator. Travel is a capable candidate for this position as you with your travel experience gain knowledge of foreign languages. This can be a work from home type of job or a part-time job for the travelers.

Freelance travel writer

If you are a traveller, soon you will develop a habit of writing about your experience and expressing your feelings with the power of words. Freelance travel writer is the best type of job that all travellers can opt for.

Traveling Festival Work

Travelers have a lot of knowledge about festivals celebrations and exhibitions or concerts that are organized in different countries during the festival sessions. This is the best opportunity that you can grab and plan some or organize some festival work.

Foreign Service Travel Jobs

There are many opportunities to be a part of foreign service travel as these are the international government jobs that allow you to experience life in a beautiful way in a different part of the world.

Travel Agent

This is a field that you all must be aware of as this is a traditional type of job. Traditional but still in trend would be the right phrase to describe the importance of this job that is a visible opportunity for you all to in cash.

Traveling money making 1

Freelance Travel Photographer

Each traveler is a travel photographer and this statement is true as maximum travelers like Thomas have made the best use of their photographs in this travel industry. You can also work with local tourism or companies to explore your skills and get a professional training. This is again a best opportunity for you all aspiring travellers and photographers.

Musician or a street performer

Talent is always appreciated and collaborations are always an open choice. If you are a good musician you can collaborate with restaurants and pubs for a performance during a tour of that country. Street performance is again an open opportunity for you to grab.

Seasonal travel Jobs

You can become a travel guide based on seasons. Does it sound cool? People opt for travel opportunities seasonally to stay connected to their profession and passion. For example, you can travel during your school or college vacations. This is the best suitable example for students or individuals that are looking for a temporary job or part-time jobs.

NGO worker

You get a chance to travel if you are associated with an NGO. Join and volunteer for some good work associated with society, travel across the globe to encourage and engage people to work with you is another opportunity that you all can easily grab.

Freelance travel Marketing

Get a degree in marketing and you are all set to become a freelance travel marketer. Explore the field of marketing and opt for a stream that matches your dreams. One such great opportunity is to get into freelance travel marketing.

Videographer/ YouTube channel

This is a trending and an open platform for you all who are aspiring travel influencers like Thomas Salzano. Your videography skills can make a way of earning money and making a career option for you. Create a YouTube channel of your own and post amazing videos about travel and destinations that are engaging and will get you, maximum subscribers.

Now let’s talk about the interesting ways to make money while traveling:

Traveling money making 2

Publish your Ebook

If you good with your words and research then here is your opportunity to earn money by publishing your Ebook. Don’t waste your talent by just thinking about it all day. Put your thoughts into words and the day is not far when you can publish your own Ebook.

Become an Influencer

In this digital world becoming an influencer is not a tough job but to maintain your position you need to work hard. Paid promotions and collaborations are waiting for you if you achieve to become one of the best travel influencer. But remember be honest with your work as your followers trust you and any wrong information or message from your side can destroy it all.

Organize summer camps and winter camps

Travelers are good at champagning and can easily organize and manage the camps. If you are confident with your management and training skill than you may try your hand in organizing events and camps for children and for the young and adventurous generation.

Sell your work online like pictures and jewelry

Everything has a value and so does your professional travel photography and jewelry from across the globe. If you are a expert travel photographer then you can sell your photographs online or to the travel companies and agencies. On the other hand the business of selling jewelry from different countries is again a wonderful idea. Jewellery can be handmade or under the category of artificial jewelry. Start your business online by just creating a page on social media platform like Instagram or Facebook followed by adding people who will be interested in buying such amazing stuff, Keep posting your collection and your business is good to go.

Work exchange programes

Nowadays almost every fourth organization has an opportunity called work exchange programme or student exchange programe where you get a chance to shift to some other company or college for some time and work there. This is one of the easiest opportunity that you can grab so never miss it if you ever get a chance.

Travel blogger

Not much explanation is need here as you may have come across many travel bloggers like Thomas who keep sharing there expert trips and tricks through their blogs on travel. The travel experience and the answers to your travel related questions are all shared by such bloggers on their travel blogging websites.

These are the best ways in which you can make money out of travel and at the same time enjoy your passion for traveling.

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