About Thomas Salzano

About Thomas Salzano

Thomas Salzano is a backpacker, blogger, and an influencer. His agenda of a happy life is simple ‘Travel, explore and learn’. He has been traveling for 6 years now and capped all 50 states of America and significant lands of Asia and Europe. “I love exploring the rich heritage and culture of Asian countries like India, and China,” alleges Thomas. 

He inspires everyone to enjoy life to fullest and explore exotic places. Thomas quotes, “Hustle because you are born to travel the whole world.” According to him, traveling returns adventure, excitement, and freedom to one’s life. 

His passion for traveling got pumped up after his school trip to mounties when he was in high school. From then till now, Thomas Salzano has not let go of any chance to travel and explore new places. With his bundled up stories about traveling Thomas Salzano started writing about them and soon started writing blogs about his travel stories.

He aims at exploring the whole world and interacting with people of different cultures. Thomas stared his journey of becoming a motivational speaker after his friends complimented him for his convincing skills and way of communication. 

By now Thomas has written more than 500 blogs about traveling and gained a name among the famous backpackers. He is also known for his motivational skills and is appreciated for the same. 

“Traveling is not just about exploring the maximum number of destinations, but to learn and enjoy the beauty of mother earth and some super creations of mankind,” says Thomas Salzano.

The only thing that he loves most before traveling is his family. Therefore, Thomas Salzano always travels embracing his wife Alyssa and daughter Kirsten.