Thomas Salzano: Take Your Travel Experience Online During the Lockdown Time

The lockdown situation has restricted the travels and travelers to continue exploring the world, says Thomas Salzano, a famous traveler, and a travel blogger. The travelers are finding it hard to stay at home and wait for the day when they can again start traveling.

But dear travelers this is the right time for you to explore your talent of writing, photography, and storytelling. Yes, you heard it right. We all are aware of the current situation where no one can move around without permission and in case of emergence. Basically traveling is not possible for at least a few more months.

So for all those travelers with traveling experience, this is the right time to share your experience and learning with the world. The internet these days is full of sad news related to coronavirus effects, but people are still trying to share some positivity by sharing tips and tricks to stay home and enjoy. Something similar can be done by the traveler too.

Here are some tips shared by Thomas Salzano on how you as a traveler can share your experience with the world: 

Search for the photographs in your camera that is not yet posted by you

The best way to connect with the world is with photographs, so if you are one of the travelers that love to click photographs but hardly post any on social media, then this is the right time.  You can create your own page for posting the photographs and in case you already have a social media account post these pictures there and get praised by the audiences there.

Your travel photographs can make you famous. 

Start your blog if you love writing and have some untold travel stories to share with the world

Start your own blog and share your travel stories with the world. As a traveler, you all must be having some unique, adventurous, and emotional stories that you would like to share with everyone. You can also publish your stories on any other blogging site based on your topic. Blogging is something that roughly 20% of professional travelers do; others hesitate as they think blogging is not meant for them. This is the right time to try so do explore your writing abilities.

Storytelling on channels like YouTube

Start your own YouTube channel and share your travel experience there, you can also share your old travel videos that are more engaging. It is easy to create your own youtube channel and then just keep posting amazing travel videos on your channel. 

Try Blog Comment

The blog comment is also an amazing way of sharing your experience if you find any article or blog online related to travel and you have some additional information to share then leave a comment for the readers with the right information. This way you can enjoy both reading and writing skills. 

Read Books related to Travel and share your finding

This is a very popular practice that almost everyone loves to do. You can read a book related to traveling, or history of a particular city, etc. then share your findings and compare your travel experience with what is written in the book. Share it online on your social media profile, YouTube channel, Instagram or Facebook page, tweet about it, write a blog, and share your experience, etc.

These are some simple but interesting ways in which travelers can keep themselves busy and at the same time share interesting travel-related information with the world. Thomas Salzano says your experience can be learned by others, so there is no harm in sharing the right information on the right platform.

Moreover, it’s good if people follow you because of your talent, so share your travel experience and stores and give others a chance to read, view, and follow something interesting and informative during the lockdown period.