Thomas Salzano – Travel Photography Tips for Aspiring Travel Photographers

Photography is something that everyone wants to try maybe not as a profession but as a passion or need. Travel photography takes the maximum credit for motivating people to try their hand in photography and become a professional. Famous photographers like Thomas Salzano started their photography career after becoming a traveler and then a travel photographer.

Some tips for Thomas for those who want to become a professional travel photographer:

  • Licensing your photography is important by any agency or the company you are working with.
  • Offer your services by offering what you are best at and connect with the local tourism or institute that allows you to work for them.
  • Sell your work and share it with renowned artists or art galleries in and around you to build connections and promote your work.

Professionalism comes when you get a chance to work for professionals or engage yourself with people or institutes that give you a chance to explore and polish your skills.