Thomas Salzano – Travel Hacks

Travel experts like Thomas Salzano keep sharing traveling hacks for the travelers to help them manage their trip well. Travel hacks are just a substitute way of doing or managing to do a task.

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Here are some travel hacks shared by Thomas that you must know:

  • In case you forgot to carry your charges, you can use the USB input on the back of your hotel TV.
  • To be on a safer side, download google maps offline so that navigation is easy for you even if your internet is not working.
  • If traveling to a country that has a different currency than you should have a currency converter app on your phone to help you manage your expenses.
  • Prefer ATMs to get local currency as the exchange rate low as compared to the airport rates.
  • Tag a “Fragile Sticker” on your luggage so that the authorities keep your bag on the top with care and you have to wait for less time to get your luggage.
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