Thomas N Salzano – The 3 Best Ways to Stay Motivated

Personal Motivation is the best way to keep working on your dreams even if things are not going as planned. Thomas N Salzano a famous blogger and a motivation speakers say that “motivation is just a game of thoughts, positive thoughts result in motivations whereas negativity thoughts create a feeling of self-doubt.”

There are situations in life where it’s not possible for a third person to make you realize your potential. This is the time where self-motivation works that makes you feel better and worth doing the task or facing the situation.

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Here are the top three ways suggested by Thomas Salzano to keep yourself motivated when you feel low: 

Change Your Thoughts From Negative to Positive

As humans, we have a habit of thinking negative about the outcome or about the person we meet. We generally fear the situation because the negative thoughts in our minds create a feeling of doubt and failure in our heads.

Try and replace these negative thoughts with the positive ones as I can do it, there is always a second chance, there must be another way to achieve the goal, etc.

Remind Yourself Why You Set The Goal

Generally, your level of motivation is low when things are not going as per plan in the process of achieving your goal. The feeling of failure destroys your willingness to work and it becomes difficult for you to decide what is right and what is wrong for you.

Keep reminding yourself about your goal, why did you set the goal and why is it so important for you to achieve it. The importance is clear in your head you will gain the strength to work and this time work logically to achieve your goal.

Seek Out Positive Information

This is the easiest way to motivate yourself. Reading positive quotes, stories and watch motivational films do help to gain motivation. Try listing to good and cheerful music when you are sad and see the change in your mood.

You generally cry more when you are sad just because you keep thinking about it too much. The minute you feel demotivated just take 2 minutes off and read some motivational quotes and smile. Your mood will automatically change.

These are the top three ways suggested by Thomas N Salzano to stay motivated. Motivation is a much-needed reason that each one of us needs to stay positive and achieve our goals in life.