Thomas Salzano: Tips to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

Traveling is easy if you plan your trip well says Thomas Salzano a renowned backpacker and a travel blogger. As per his experience in traveling he says that the long- haul flight is something he fears as you need to control your frustration and manage on your own.

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Thomas Salzano suggests being a little more prepared for such a situation and turns your long-haul flight into an easy and relaxing one. Here a few times that can add to your comfort during such a situation.

  • Reserve a good seat

When you plan a trip the first thing that you should consider is to choose a good seat, where possible. The suggested seat will be 6A but you can choose as per your preference. Decide your seat according to your needs like, if you prefer to use the loo then go for an aisle seat. The same way if you are tall and need more leg space, prefer the exit rows. In case you are traveling with kids choose the front seats of the plane.

  • Wear comfortable clothes on a long flight

Stilling for long hours almost in the same position is not an easy task. In this situation, you should wear clothes that are comfortable and avoid heavy jewelry. Your footwear also needs attention here as you get irritated if your footwear is suffocating you. Remember your comfort is in your hand so pay attention to these little things like clothes and shoes before your flight takes off.

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  • Keep your cabin luggage lightweight

An oversized suitcase is difficult to stuff it into the overhead lockers. A cabin bag should be small in size like with essential items like water bottle, earplugs, mp3 players, slipping kit and your important medicines. A small cabin bag is easy to keep and look for things when needed.

  • Carry your own snacks

It is not important to totally rely on flight food. You should carry the snacks of your choice in case you dislike the food served on the fight. Sometimes you don’t feel like eating anything on the fight but you feel hungry too. In this case, when you have your own food items you get the liberty to eat anytime when you feel like.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

The chances to feel dehydrated are high as the aircraft cabins are often very dry places. Carry a water bottle with you and avoid drinking a lot of tea, coffee, and alcohol. Keep yourself hydrated and ask for a water bottle in case you don’t carry it.

  • Don’t keep seating, move around a bit

Stretch your legs and move around a bit. Keep the circulation flowing in your legs by moving around or doing a gentle exercise at your seat. When you use the washroom use the time to relax your legs and stretch you back too.

  • Take some sleep

Carry a lightweight blanket if possible or ask for a blanket from the flight attendant. To avoid disturbance carry a sleep mask and a pair of earplugs.  You may not feel like sleeping but rest is important so close your eyes and relax. This little nap will make you feel fresh and you can easily survive the journey.   

  • Relax and talk to the person next to you

It is difficult not to interact with someone on the whole journey. Try to talk to your co-passengers and make them feel comfortable. The little interaction can make you laugh and enjoy the journey. If you are traveling with your family talk to them and remember don’t be too loud.

The long-haul flight will not trouble you much if you are well prepared. The above-mentioned tips will help you to prepare better for long trips. Thomas N Salzano says only a regular traveler will understand the need for these tips so do utilized the information and enjoy your journey.