Thomas Salzano: You Can Manage Your Career Choice

A person can excel in more than one field and that’s normal. There is no limit to talents and no boundaries in career options say Thomas Salzano a famous backpacker and a professional photographer.

He says, he was too young when he decides to become a travel and later discovered his love for cooking and photography. It was a difficult decision for him to choose one career option among all three. Thomas decided to continue traveling by not leaving behind his passion for learning new things like poetry writing, photography, and cooking.

Here are some tips for those who are struggling to choose the right career option but are passionate about other things too:

  • List down the things you like in a sequence keeping the most loved ones on the top.
  • Now split the list into two parts and name the lists as passion and career with earning.
  • Under the passion list only list down that option which you want to continue even if you don’t get paid for it.
  • Under the career earnings list, those options which you think can be a medium of earning.
  • By now you must be clear about your priorities of earning or living your passion to keep exploring.

Here is an example of how Thomas took his decision following the above-mentioned rules:

  • The career options: Traveling, Photography, Chef, Poet, corporate job, guitarist, cricketer and, a health trainer.
  • The passion list: Traveling, cooking, guitarist, and cricketer.
  • Career earning: Traveler, photography, and chef in his own restaurant.
  • After you are done with the list keep the list aside and create a new one named priority.
  • List down your priority like money, family, kids, house, popularity, peace, etc.
  • If your priorities are related to money then go with your career earning list and if you have no fear of financial issues that means you should go with your passion list.

Thomas says, that you may find his idea stupid at first but this is the best way to keep a track of your choices in life. It’s you who can decide what is best for you and others like him can just guide you or provide suggestions.

Keeping a track of your wish list is a good idea and when you realize what are your priorities you will find the right direction in life.

  • If you are still confused or unhappy with your decision the advice for you is to stay calm. Change your style of working and rethink your decision after at least 20 days of putting 100% effort into the task you are unhappy with.
  • The last advice is to make a timetable that (not a professional one) which has a time slot for your passion.

This is how Thomas N Salzano made his career choice, it truly worked for him and the people around him. He says the ones who are passionate and are looking for a solution will find these tips useful. As a struggler, Thomas is aware of the confusion and stress one has at that point in time.

He managed to come out of that situation and wants to help others facing the same situation. One should never compromise in life, it is what Thomas Salzano feels and suggest to all hard-working people in the world.