Thomas Salzano: Things You Should Always Pack When Traveling

Traveling is a beautiful experience and makes you feel relaxed and energetic. Thomas Salzano a famous backpacker has gained a lot of experience in the field of traveling and planning travel trips. He has come across many travelers asking for help related to the little things they forgot to pack.

Thomas says it’s important to pack the essential items when you are on a trip, especially to the mountains. Here are some things you might not think about but definitely should bring with you on your next vacation.

Thomas Salzano traveling photography

A power strip

Carry a compact size power strip they turn one outlet into several and typically with some USB ports built-in as well. If you are a traveler, you will know the importance of the power strip and portable surge protectors.

Portable Power bank & a universal plug adapter

The excessive use of our phone during a trip is obvious and to find a point to charge it is also not feasible every time. The top suggestion is to carry a portable power bank and set a reminder to charge the power bank before you move out of your hotel room.

The second best advice is to carry a universal plug adapter with you when you travel overseas.

Trash bags or plastic bags

It might sound useless to carry a trash bag but actually it’s of great use. You can use the trash bags to separate your dirty clothes from the ones which are not, pack your shoes and wet clothes in it. You may also use these bags to dispose of waste or wrappers in it. Travels also use these bags in case of vomiting, collecting wood for the fire, disposing of waste and keeping the wet and dirty clothes away.

An empty bottle

To avoid buying the overpriced water bottle you can always carry an empty water bottle and fill it on your own when you find a drinking water tap.

Dryer sheets

As a traveler, you and your shoes are exposed to sweating and your shoes start to smell. Take a dry sheet and put it in your shoes and it will mask the smell and help aerate your shoes.

These are some items that you tend to forget to pack when you travel. To add to your list Thomas Salzano says things like a quick-dry towel, a packable backpack, and a travel router are some additional items which one should consider to carry.