Thomas Salzano: 7 Things I Would Tell a New Traveler

Thomas Salzano is a renowned backpacker and started his journey as a traveler when he was in college. Thomas Salzano made his passion for travel a career option and has traveled almost 70+ countries in the world.

One question which always stopped him from traveling and to be more specific to become a traveler was “How to start and who will guide me about what is right?”

Thomas Salzano mountain click

Here is what Thomas Salzano wants to tell the new aspiring travelers:

Don’t be scared: To start something new is always a bit scary as you have to face a lot of negative thoughts. But one thing that you should keep in mind is that you aren’t exploring uncharted territories that have high risk. You have options to reach out and you will find travel guidance everywhere.

Travel Slow and plan well: when you start your journey as a traveler you tempt to see it all and squeeze your trip. The hurry will lead you nowhere, so don’t plan a trip to 20 cities in 20 days. Take time and see it all because each city has its own beauty which cannot be cherished in a day.

Don’t put too much in your backpack: keep you backpack light as when you travel uphill’s it’s difficult to walk. Just take the basic with you like just one camera, medicines, basic clothing as other stuff of needs is available everywhere you go.

Take extra money: always carry extra money with you and don’t use them until you face any emergency. Extra money should be your only secret and always keep that money separate but always with you.

Don’t be shy, be adventurous: traveling will give a chance to interact with people of different cultures and backgrounds. You will get a chance to try different adventurous things and visit places that offers you the opportunity to explore. So don’t be shy and do grab the opportunities under all safety measures and security.

You are not alone: don’t feel that you are alone there is a network of travelers who will be your friend, give you advice or tips, and help you out. You will meet many locals who will guide you, point you in the right direction, and make you feel safe.

So don’t be nervous about your trip as a traveler. Everyone is nervous at first but once you start your journey each day will teach you a new lesson for life. Just stay calm, enjoy the moment and yes do ask for help if you need, says Thomas Salzano a passionate traveler.