Thomas Salzano – Traveling an Antidepressant For You and How Travelling Helps to Overcome It.

Depression causes a feeling of sadness and loss of interest in human nature. It requires day-to-day management to overcome this anxiety and sadness. To find a way out and to feel better people generally try different alternatives and one of the best ways out is “Travelling.”

Here are some amazing reasons listed by Thomas Salzano, a famous traveler, and a well-known poet & blogger on “how traveling can help to overcome depression.”

#1.  Traveling gives interaction opportunities

The best way to overcome depression is to interact and talk to new people. This helps in letting your feelings out and share your emotions. When you are on a trip you get a chance to meet new people and mingle with strangers. You meet different people with a different thought process which inspire you and change your way of handling the problems. 

#2.  Different experience and new atmosphere

It is said that nature helps in healing both the mind and the soul. A little change in the environment and atmosphere helps you to enjoy  nature and calm your mind and soul. It also   your spirit and attracts the positivity around you. 

#3. You encounter new possibilities and opportunities

When you are struggling with depression a negative feeling surrounds you which makes you feel low and you lose your confidence. But traveling is not just confined to road trips and events but also the education you get while exploring different places and events. The new environment gives you an opportunity to see and explore the opportunities around you with a fresh mind and positive thoughts. 

#4. Traveling teaches you lessons for life

Visiting new places, interacting with different people, trying new things and activities all add to your learning during the trip. Time management, learning different languages , etc are some lessons that you will cherish for life. 

#5. You will experience the unexpected

Mainly when we plan a trip just to relax and stay away from the crowd we limit our expectations. But when we are finally part of the unexpected adventure which we never thought of being a part off adds to our best experience in life.

Thomas Salzano says,” it’s my own experience as a traveler and a motivational speaker that traveling does not just make you feel relaxed and tension free but fills you with the positivity which keeps you away from depression.” For Thomas Salzano traveling is the motivation which keeps him moving in life and has given many opportunities to him in life. This is the reason why he keeps motivating others to travel and enjoy the beauty of nature.