Thomas Salzano – Spread your dreamy wings and fly high

“Never set limits to your capabilities and never doubt your Worth,” says Thomas Salzano an enthusiastic backpacker and blogger.
Thomas Salzano loves to travel and explore new and famous places suggested by the locals of a city.

Thomas Salzano amazing photography

Thomas N Salzano took traveling seriously when he realized the worth of the knowledge he had about this field while talking to a travel agent. This happened when he was planning a family trip and thought of taking help from a travel agency but while discussing his expectations with the person on the other side of the phone, the man said “sir I think the next time I will call you to consult and ask about my queries.” This made Thomas feel proud of his passion and experience in traveling. He started motivating people and sharing tips about travel through the medium of his blogs.

One day while interacting with a follower Thomas was praised for his photographs on the site and was asked who clicks the photographs for him. Thomas Salzano was amazed by the question and answered with a smile “ The pictures are clicked by me with my own camera.” The further reply to this question was more interesting and least expected by Thomas. The follower said, “ Sir, could you please share some tips on photography too as I love your pictures.”


This was the reason when Thomas started his new blog for photography on a trail base. Soon the blogs had a lot of follows and the response turned out to be positive. After this Thomas started sharing tips about photography and motivating the aspiring photographers by guiding them about the career opportunities in this field.

During his experiment with the photography career, Thomas N Salzano came across a new opportunity that changed his life. It was when Thomas was out with his friends on a trip to the mountains and has planned a bonfire night for all. His friend also invited a singer to make the night special for all. Thomas loves music as according to him “music keeps his soul alive.”

Thomas carried his guitar with him and started playing it until the singer arrived. The people around them started gathering as Thomas started singing an English song just for fun. As the song ended Thomas was praised and loved by all. After the party, his friends shared his video on a social site and the video went viral. The likes and comments on the video made Thomas think about his singing career and he decided to learn singing. Now Thomas N Salzano started his music classes and gives music lessons to his students.

Today when Thomas looks back at his journey of life he feels happy that he tried his hand in all that he thought he could do. He says it was his choice to pursue his career options and make the best out of all. He gives the credit of his achievement to his followers and his family who supported him in every decision he made.