Thomas Salzano – How To Deal With Mountain Sickness

“A trip to the Mountains is relaxing only when your health supports you,” says the famous backpacker Thomas Salzano. He in his early days of traveling faced a lot of issues due to health especially while traveling to mountains.

Thomas Salzano thought of sharing some health tips with the travels as he is aware of the health conditions in the upper areas.

Here are some tips for health suggested by Thomas Salzano:

  1. To reduce the chance of Nausea ( feeling of vomiting) avoid strong food odors.
  2. Don’t sit opposite to your traveling direction.
  3. If you are feeling sick during the traveling to mountains avoid reading books.
  4. If you are traveling by car sit in the front seat only.
  5. Always try to get the fresh air. Keep the windows or the vent open.
  6. Try to avoid sitting with someone who is prone to mountain sickness as it will develop the feeling of vomit in you.
  7. If you are prone to mountain sickness take a seat which experiences the least motion.
  8. Avoid alcohol or excessive drinks consumption. Extra spicy food may also add to your mountain sickness.

Thomas N Salzano advice all the travels to take note of the above points which will definitely help you to avoid mountain sickness.