Thomas Salzano: How It Feels to Live in One City After Years of Traveling and Adventure

“Traveling, to travelers, means freedom and joy”, says Thomas Salzano, a regular traveler, and famous blogger.

After continuous traveling for a few years, there was a time when Thomas Salzano was forced to stop traveling frequently and settle down. It was a tough phase for him. He feels that it is worth sharing his experience with everyone as you never know when the same situation arrives at your door.

Thomas Salzano explains why this happens:

  • The family feels that traveling is just for fun with no career.
  • With growing age, the responsibilities grow double.
  • Your parents and family need you more.
  • Your children demand more attention and time from you.
  • At some point in time, your health does not allow you to travel much.

However, Thomas Salzano made his way out and took out time to travel. Here are some tips which will help you tackle the seemingly unavoidable situations that don’t let you travel:

  • Make a time table and don’t plan trips around your children’s exams and holidays.
  • Get a health checkup planned for the whole family.
  • When back from trips, start writing about your experience.
  • Feel positive about being a traveler.
  • Start your own blog and invest your time & experience there.
  • Develop an interest in traveling with your kids and go on a family trip.

Thomas Salzano says, “This is how I managed to overcome the stress of not being able to travel for some time.” He made his way out of this situation with his strong will and passion for traveling. He advises all the travelers to stay positive in such a situation and never think about not being a traveler anymore. Rather, spread joy with your words and experience about traveling.