Thomas Salzano: Tips To Save Money While Traveling

“A trip within a fixed budget is the best trip”, says Thomas Salzano, a famous traveler, and blogger. He feels that it is important to decide the right budget before you start traveling and therefore stick to it.

Thomas Salzano while interacting with the travels have come across questions regarding the budget and expenses. Being a regular traveler, Thomas Salzano has some tips to save money while traveling. He follows these things  himself and suggests others to take a note for a few.

Here are a few tips he would like you to know:

  • Try and stay outside the city as the rates are low and affordable.
  • Avoid eating at tourist spots and find a restaurant away from the tourist spot.
  • Look for the city tourism card and get free or off for top visitors attractions.
  • Shop from the local or farmer’s market.
  • Search and compare prices before your booking.
  • Don’t always go for the best room. If you are in a group then take an apartment for rent.
  • If possible go off season
  • Last but not least, fix a budget and stick to it.

Thomas Salzano says that these tips are strictly followed by him as he travels frequently.

He suggests all follow some of the listed tips to keep the expense in control. As “a trip completed in a fixed budget will not just give you happiness but will make you excited to plan the next one.”