Thomas Salzano: Tips To Travel Eco Friendly

Mother earth is beautiful and exploring new destinations every now and then gifts me immense joy and gratitude,says Thomas Salzano. The renowned travel blogger further adds that he has cultivated appreciation and captured the essence of nature while travelling. However, he is very disappointed with many travelers who irresponsibly pollute the environment while travelling.

Being a true influencer, Thomas Salzano has penned down several tips to travel eco-friendly. Here’s what he has to say:

1. Carry reusable shopping bags

Traveling means you will do a lot of shopping too. So, instead of collecting a number of plastic bags, prefer carrying reusable shopping bags with you while visiting local shops.

2. Feel Being At Home

Consider your hotel room as your home. Responsibly switch off the AC, lights, TV  when you leave your room and avoid taking long showers. This will help in wasting natural resources.

3. Prefer Public Transport

Taking public transportation is a noticeable idea to enjoy the local life as well as the best job you can do for the environment. Also, it could contribute to give you a lifetime experience with the locals while travelling.

4. Value the local environment

“Whenever you travel, make sure your actions do not negatively impact the local environment,” quotes Thomas Salzano. Also, do not remove plants or harm animals. In addition, respect the local ecosystem and if possible, motivate or educate  local people to take care of their environment.

5. Choose eco-friendly Accommodation

Make it your priority to stay in hotels or other accommodation that have adequate waste treatment practices, that are energy efficient or use solar electricity or hydroelectric power and that prefer to recycle.

Traveling brings positivity and betterment in a traveler’s life. Thomas Salzano cites that it is the sole duty of every traveler to make sure they preserve the environment and travel eco-friendly. Hence, these tips will be helpful in contributing to environmental conservation.

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